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I am thinking I should have tumblr for the basic fact that it's a place i can put up absolute rubbish and no one can judge cos everyone does it...

Long time in the making. Part 1 of my new 4 part mini series. ENJOY!

Well said...


Ugh, okay. Like, you know those guys who are so disrespectful to girls and justify it by saying that there was a time that your opinion would not have stood a chance up against his, just out of the fact that you’re a woman. AND YOU KNOW WHY THAT’S SO SAD? Most of their opinions are so completely…

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The Film Fatale: Movie Not to See This Weekend: Project X


“Project X,” which reads like an extended GoDaddy commercial, is the 2012 answer to “Super Bad,” because Jonah Hill is a super-serious actor now who only goes back to high school when he’s an undercover cop and BFF’s with Channing Tatum.

Funny story: For a brief and regrettable time in my…

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Batman singing Justin Timberlake- what could be better?

New sketch I made! Hope you enjoy. This is my life.

So true. So true.

So true. So true.

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Best film of 2011
Hey that’s me! I look young…

Hey that’s me! I look young…

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“A Disturbing 2 Minutes”

Fox isn’t dead.

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